Impact postcard: Ukraine


100 years ago, there were 47 synagogues in Lviv, Ukraine

45 were wiped out by Nazis.

Of the remaining two synagogues, one—Jakub Glanzer Shul Synagogue—was badly damaged by a storm in 2009.

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Last month, participants on the Minneapolis Jewish Federation/RAJMN Global Experience to Ukraine spent hours cleaning and beautifying the synagogue.

Afterward, they celebrated.

“Sitting in that synagogue shell as food was being cooked, as Klezmer music played—and realizing that space hadn’t had that kind of Jewish noise for years was mind-boggling to me,” said Larry Pepper.

“I’ve studied the Holocaust,” said Jim Strohm. “I’ve watched the videos. I’ve heard the stories. But until I got to Ukraine, I didn’t realize exactly what had happened… and what was left.”


Through the David Tychman Global Experience Program, Federation is providing opportunities to experience and explore the joy of Judaism—in places you might never expect to find it.