5 powerful photos from the Ukraine Global Experience trip

A Global Experience is never “just a trip.” Each experience offers a unique way to explore your roots and connect with—and give back to—the global Jewish community. In August, a group of dedicated RAJMN and Minneapolis Jewish Federation volunteers had the opportunity to practice tikkun olam abroad in Lviv, Ukraine, working their way through an itinerary full of learning experiences and service projects. From preserving a hurricane-damaged synagogue to touring the city to restoring a Jewish cemetery, this group of volunteers had the opportunity to breathe Jewish life into communities ripped apart by the Nazis.


Sokal Synagogue: before…

Along with the International Volunteers Camp, MJF and RAJMN volunteers worked to preserve the Sokal Synagogue in Sokal, Ukraine, where no Jews were left to preserve the Jewish heritage of the site—an incredible example of the important work our volunteers had the opportunity to do.


...and after

An amazing group of volunteers—and an impressive number of filled trashbags.


Belz Hasidic Cemetery

Volunteers had the opportunity to pay respects at the Belz Hasidic Cemetery in Belz, Ukraine, outside of Lviv.


Lviv Opera House

Thursday’s city tour featured a stop at the Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet. Did you know the Opera House opened almost 100 years ago, on October 4, 1900?


Restoring a cemetery

During road construction in 2018, Jewish tombstones were uncovered from where German occupiers had used them to pave the road in 1941. In the Jewish cemetery of Lviv, MJF and RAJMN volunteers helped with moving, cleaning and identifying tombstones in preparation for a Wall of Memory memorial.

Ready to explore the world while forging connections with the global Jewish community? Inspired to give back to that community? More opportunities for engagement are coming up soon with trips in Greece & Bulgaria and Uganda.

Join us on an adventure that will change the way you look at the Jewish world.

Megan Rosvold