Your Impact: Liudmila in Minsk

Liudmila says she hasn’t been outside in nine years.

“I don’t even know what outside looks like anymore,” she says from inside her small home in Minsk, Belarus.

Liudmila’s home is filled with a lifetime of memories and stuff. It’s piled on her bed. It’s in garbage bags that crowd the already small room. From her seat, she can nearly reach the refrigerator, where the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) has just stocked her food.

“I have my JDC helpers,” says Liudmila. “They are the sunshine in my window. They are my eyes, my legs, and my ears.”

Liudmila is blind , but her shelves are lined with books. Her JDC advocate reads to her when she visits—just one of the many ways JDC is making Liudmila’s life fuller.

Your gift to Federation makes JDC’s work—and Liudmila’s survival—possible.

"Without your help... I don't even want to think about that," says Liudmila.

The Minneapolis Jewish Federation believes every senior has the right to live with dignity. Your gift helps hundreds of thousands of seniors like Liudmila. You feed them. You provide them with life-saving medicine. You heat their homes in the winter. You care—and that matters.