Impact postcards: The Honorable Eric Lipman


When the Twin Cities Cardozo Society travels to Israel, the itinerary goes beyond shawarma and the shuk. This group of eighteen participant met with some of Israel’s leading experts and senior legal officials in civil service, IDF, and academia. They participated in security briefings on the borders with Syria and Gaza and heard firsthand from a child psychologist who counsels children living near Gaza traumatized by terror.

Judge Eric Lipman was among the lawyers taking part in this Global Experience. Below, his thoughts:

“The truly valuable thing about the Cardozo Society is that it helps lawyers to strengthen their connections across town and to deepen their connections with people and places around the world.

When I joined the Cardozo Society’s Israel Experience in Jerusalem, I had already been to Israel several times before. Yet, the kinds of experiences that any of us can have while touring on our own, and what you can see and access when traveling as part of the Society, are two very different things. Cardozo Society members met with leaders at the very highest levels of Israel’s government, academia, and security services. We were free to ask these leaders tough questions – and because it was a conversation among trusted friends – every reply that we received was detailed, insightful and very candid.

Even our experienced Israeli guide was amazed by the range of leaders who were willing to step out from their workdays to spend time with us and the openness with which they spoke. Which is precisely my point: We were better as a group, than on our own.”

Global experiences are a unique way to see the world—and see the impact of your gift to Federation in real-time. Up next, we’re heading to Greece, Uganda, and Israel. Are you in?