The end of an era: Super Sunday is now Super Funday.

For decades, the Minneapolis Jewish Federation relied on a phone-a-thon called Super Sunday for a large chunk of our fundraising. Year after year, hardworking volunteers left their houses in the depths of winter to make phone calls supporting community and people through Federation.

They would never accept it, but these volunteers deserve a medal.

As time marched on, the phone-a-thon model became more and more obsolete. Our volunteers spent their day talking to answering machines. Fundraising was flourishing in other areas, so Super Sunday became less and less necessary. But we kept it up because, tradition.

Finally we decided this wasn’t fair to our volunteers. They deserved better. We ask so much of our community, and we thought it was time to start giving.

Change is hard, but in 2018, we finally took the plunge. No phones—just inspiration and celebration. We called it Super Funday. And you loved it so much, we’re doing it again. Save the date for March 3, 2019.

Daci PlattMJF events