Rimon update: senior art workshops

Rimon_music workshop.PNG

“The key of the Jewish people is D minor,” said Sholom artist-in-residence Mark Bloom to a group of fifteen seniors at one of Rimon’s Artist-in-Residence Workshops at Knollwood Place. The musical topic of the day was Frank Loesser, the Jewish songwriter responsible for Guys and Dolls, among other works. The workshop featured many impromptu sing-alongs and discussions of music as a doorway into memory and nostalgia.

In addition to the music workshops, Rimon is also holding visual arts and writing workshops for the seniors. “We know the impact the arts can have,” says David Jordan Harris, Rimon’s Exxcutive Director. “and it’s a wonderful opportunity to say to our participants ‘we need your voice in the conversation because you have something to offer.’”